Preparing my body for baby #2

It’s been a few months now that Jeff and I have been trying for baby #2, and so far it has not happened yet, We have been praying every day that God blesses us with another child.

But now that we have been trying for a while I had to reflect inward on what I am doing and changing to prepare my body for becoming pregnant…..

I’m in what doctors consider “advanced age” which means there are additional barriers and risks to getting pregnant. On top of that, I’ve had a Myomectomy to remove 17 fibroids from my uterus and I’ve had a C-section delivery… yeah, there’s a lot going on down there!

I haven’t breastfed for a few months so I’ve fallen back into old bad habits, which may or may not include margaritas and Pinot Grigio. I’m busy and exhausted and sometimes it’s hard to make the best food decisions.

After visiting my doctor and making sure everything is in working order, I wanted to change some things in my day to day life that might help my chances of getting pregnant.


I’ve been loading up on my prenatal for a few months now, but I honestly have been seeking out foods that offer the natural forms of vitamins as well, leafy greens and dark green veggies, legumes like beans and chickpeas are a great source for folate, the natural form of folic acid, yes folic acid is the synthetic form of folate. I continued to take my Multi-vitamins and Folic Acid, I just add these to my diet for all the healthy and yummy benefits.

Calcium-rich foods like yogurt and cheese also provide vitamin D and I am also adding 2 servings of fruit a day…btw I hate eating fruit, I don’t know why, so this was hard for me! What I really wanna do is go to Jamba Juice and call it good!

Just because you are taking vitamins does not mean you should not be practicing a healthy diet, they go hand in hand. And no, a vitamin the size of an almond is not a meal substitute.

I’ve also stopped eating mercury-rich fish like swordfish (1st of all, who eats swordfish??!), instead, I’ll have salmon with those yummy greens. I also cut out processed and raw meats as some are considered dangerous during pregnancy, including Beef Carpaccio, which is my favorite!! Sorry Tar Tar lovers, better give it a break if you are trying for a baby!


I know this one seems cruel… but cutting down to 1 cup of coffee a day increases your likelihood of conceiving. I know… this one hurt me, I can’t wait to say to the baby “I quit coffee for you!!!”


Well if you thought cutting coffee was painful, how about suspending ALL alcohol consumption while trying to get pregnant… this ones hard because the alcohol is a big part of the trying!! Lol just kidding! No I’m not. I’m sure the occasional glass of wine or beer won’t hurt, but you know the old adage, “better safe than sorry”.

Water water water! Drink a ton of it! A least 8 glasses of water a day!


I usually go hard at the gym, but while I’m trying to get pregnant I’ve opted for more classes like Yoga and Barre if I want more of a challenging session. I’m doing lighter cardio and cutting out the heavy lifting. This is mostly so I’m not in pain like I usually am after a heavy workout, trying for a baby isn’t fun when you can’t bed your legs!


So while I am making all these changes to help my chances of getting pregnant you better believe Jeff will be making some lifestyle adjustments too!

Certain vitamins and nutrients – such as zinc and vitamins C and E, and folic acid – are important for making healthy Sperm. Gotta keep those swimmers fit and fast!

Ultimately, I’m doing all these things to be a healthier vessel for a potential baby, but there are other benefits like more energy, glowing skin, healthy hair and nails, and shedding a few unwanted pounds!

I am so happy to share my journey with you and if we are blessed with a sibling for Atticus, I can’t wait to share our joy with all of you!!

These photos are from my maternity shoot with Atticus by Lori Dorman & CO truly a fantastic photographer! I love having these memories with my little boy inside!




  1. Anne Haven
    June 24, 2018 / 12:34 am

    No “tighty whities” for him, and no hot tubs!
    Best wishes!

    • Dana Buerger
      June 25, 2018 / 2:01 pm

      Haha!! Thank you! Xoxo

  2. August 1, 2019 / 6:35 pm

    The best advice I ever got for preparing for baby #2 from moms that have been there and lived to tell about it. For more thoughts on motherhood, click here .

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