Baby Wipe Review: Honest wipes vs Burt’s Bee’s vs WaterWipes

Honest Wipes, Water Wipes and Burt’s Bee’s Wipes

When Jeff and I were deciding what to use for our diapering needs we decided that we wanted to give The Honest Company a try. I really wanted to be as “toxic free” as possible the first year while Atticus’s skin was so new and delicate. We signed up for the bundle plan that included the wipes with the diapers. We used these wipes for about 3 months until I got an email from The Honest Co. that my wipes were on recall and suddenly I had to find another option for an all natural chemical free wipe. After trying 3 different brands I definitely have a favorite and wanted to write about the pro’s and con’s of each. 

Honest Co. Wipes

The Honest wipes boast a Pure and gentle formula to help support healthy skin infused with a botanical blend of pomegranate, chamomile and cucumber for a natural experience. The wipes are made without fragrances or chlorine and are Plant-based, Hypoallergenic,Ultra-Soft and Fragrance-Free. Sounds great huh! So this brings me to the recall, because these wipes do not have any preservatives there was a mold scare with several lots and my whole inventory was in the recall.  Though Honest stated that the mold was harmless, they emphasized the importance of aesthetics  and of course mold is not a good look! I do want to express that I loved these wipes, and I really love the Honest Co. transparency. A lot of people were pissed about the recall, instead of supporting their effort to make an amazing all natural product.

Another things about the honest wipes that I loved other than the natural benefits I stated above are that they were always the perfect amount of wet. I use a wipe warmer and they never dried out and were always evenly moist. I also loved the travel packs that had 10 wipes, great to stash in the car, in your stroller or purse, low key and easy. Of course I also loved that they came with the bundle which made it super easy in the beginning, but after the recall there were no wipes to bundle and I had to suspend my subscription and look elsewhere for wipes which brings me to the WaterWipes.


I ordered the WaterWipes from Amazon. They are the only wipe that is 99.9% water with a drop of grapefruit seed extract. Water wipes are hypoallergenic, they don’t irritate the skin and it is said that they may help prevent the causes of diaper rash and other skin conditions. Also a plus is The National Eczema Association has awarded the Seal of Acceptance™ to WaterWipes. These wipes are probably the best if your baby has super sensitive skin, the fabric of the wipes are super soft. Now a few cons for me. The wipes are super wet and were a little too watery for me as I found my self needing to dry him off after I wiped him, either with a towel or I would blow on him to try and dry him which looks as funny as it sounds! They also did not do well in the wipe warmer because they did not feed, so every time I grabbed a wipe another would not present. I would have to open the warmer and dig the wipe out which is a pain in the butt in the middle of the night. Drove me nuts! So as much as I liked how all natural they were I ended up deciding to try another brand, Burt’s Bee’s.

Burt’s Bee’s

My sister introduced me to the Burt’s Bee’s wipes when I went to visit her before her baby arrived, she had extra and let me have a pack. The Burt’s wipes are 99.2% all natural, they are chlorine free and have Aloe and Vitamine E to help nourish your babies skin. They are also hypoallergenic and fragrance free. They do list the following ingredients: glycerin, glycine (soybean) oil, benzyl alcohol, glucoside, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and tocopherol. This leads me to believe that they are the least natural out of all the wipes. While I liked these wipes initially they also did not do well in the wipe warmer, they would literally be bone dry and I wonder if it was because of the alcohol. I want to also add that I used these wipes once to remove my makeup and it left my face burning, I tried the other 2 brands and did not have this issue, again  I think it might be the alcohol, so again if your baby has sensitive skin I would opt for the WaterWipes or The Honest wipes. Burt’s Bee’s does offer a subscription to ship them automatically which of course helps with getting your wipes when you need them.

After using all three brands of wipes I have to say that the Honest Co. wipes are my favorite, and once they are restocked and I have gone through my stock of Water Wipes and Burt’s wipes. I will return to the diaper and wipe bundle with the Honest Co., I am glad that I tried the other wipes because it matters to me what I use on my baby. I want it to be as natural as possible, but also easy to use and functional.

At the end of the day you will use what is best for your baby, but I hope if you are going the natural way this helps you make a decision on what is best for your baby!



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