My Walmart Baby Registry: Mommy Self-Care

Hello again!! And yes, I’m still pregnant! I’ve been trying to muster up the energy to start getting ready for my due date! I’ve pretty much gotten all the items off my Walmart Baby Registry that I need for the new baby, but I decided to add a few things for me as the new mom!
The Baby Registry process is always fun when planning for a baby, we select all the cutest new outfits and all the cool tech that we feel we simply can’t do without as new parents! And believe me when I say I went crazy with my Walmart Baby Registry for baby # 2!! But what about me the new Mom? You know the one who did all the work cooking the baby for 9 months!?
I wanted to take a little time to write about a subject that honestly is not discussed nearly enough. Self Care for the New Mommy! There is so much focus and hoopla around the new arrival, that often times the new mommy gets lost in the mix! No matter how much pain you are in, how uncomfortable you are, how much you are suffering from the pains of breastfeeding, and no matter how exhausted you are, After giving birth, whether naturally or via c-section, its go time, you are in new mommy mode. Naturally, there is little time to treat yourself to the little things that make you feel like your normal self let alone have even 30 seconds to take a shower!
When Atticus was born I had no clue about all the things I would need for myself to get through the 1st season of motherhood with a newborn. It was tough, and I was a mess! This time I am taking steps to make sure that I have everything I need to weather the long nights and even longer days with a new baby and a 2-year-old! New Mommy Self-Care is just as important as taking care of a new baby. There are so many positive benefits when you take a little time for you. Not only do you feel better about yourself, but self-care can also help with baby blues and anxiety. Below I have shared some of my favorite items on my Walmart Baby Registry…..FOR ME!!!

Hirigin Women Maternity Dress Half Sleeve V-Neck Pregnancy Clothes Nursing Wrap Dress LELINTA Womens Cotton Underwear High Waist Full Coverage Brief Panty 4 Pack Women's Maidenform MFW7260 Prima Ballerina Satin Trim Long Gown Loving Moments by Leading Lady Maternity to Nursing Wirefree Bra 2 Pack EFINNY Postpartum Seamless Breathable Waist Trainer Corset Abdomen Body Shapers Belt iLoveSIA Women's Maternity Breastfeeding Dress Nursing Nightgown DEBRA WEITZNER Womens Bright Fuzzy Socks Non-skid Grip Ultra Soft 6 pairs Dearfoams Womens Cross Band Pile Slide with Pom slippers
1. Nursing Wrap Dress with Butterfly Print: $15 : You will need a go too cute dress that is comfortable and allows you to whip out your boobs with ease for nursing!
2. Cotton Underwear High Waist Full Coverage Brief Panty $16: They are high, they are soft, perfect for the weeks after a C-section, cause whew!
3. Long Cotton sleeveless gown $ 37: Easy clothing you can throw on is a must, I prefer 1 item like a gown as opposed to tops and bottoms, it’s just easier.
4. Cotton Wirefree Nursing Bra Set $ 17: Trust me when I tell you this is one of the most critical items for breastfeeding! You want it to be lightweight and easy to clip down while offering good support. keyword: EASY!!
5. Postpartum Girdle $10:  A must-have for support while your insides shift back to where they used to be! I suggest one that is adjustable, so you can wear it throughout your recovery!
6. Maternity Breastfeeding Dress $20: I purchased this dress when I had Atticus and Loved it! Cute and easy, love that the bra is built in!
7. Cozy non-skid grip socks $16: Perfect for walking around your Hospital room and on hardwood floors at home! You will be up, walking your newborn at all hours of the night and slips happen, better safe than sorry!
8. Cute Cross Band Pile Slide with Pom slippers $16: A girl just needs a cozy pair of slippers for mailbox runs or backyard activities!



$1 downloadable eBook of What to Expect When You’re Expecting and The Baby Welcome Box, a gift to you for choosing Walmart for your registry!

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You deserve it!!


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