My Placenta Pill experience

My Beautiful Placenta Pill Package from Fruit of the Womb.

Placenta Pills, yes it is an actual thing to give birth, keep the placenta and process it so you can  consume it postpartum. I’m sure the one thing you really want to know is “does it work” meaning does it really provide the benefits that you have heard about? Abundant milk supply, increased energy and assisting in preventing postpartum depression to name a few. The answer to this is unique to the individual. Before I had Atticus I personally met several mothers who swear it was a magic pill. After doing some research I decided that this was something I absolutely wanted to do when the time came for me to deliver.

Along with the benefits listed above, it is also said to help the uterus to contract down lessening postpartum bleeding, replenish nutrients lost during childbirth and help balance your system using your own natural hormones. Keep in mind there has not been any formal studies on consuming your placenta nor is it FDA approved, it is definitely a form of alternative medicine.

Many women consume their placenta using different methods. I have heard them being cooked, made into a smoothie even eaten raw, all of which make me wanna gag!! Obviously the easiest way to eat my placenta was to have it professionally encapsulated.

If you read my blog about breast feeding you know how worried I was about the ability to breast feed and have a good milk supply. Depression also runs in my family and I was really concerned about it being an issue postpartum. I was willing to try almost anything to help me successfully recover after having my baby and the weeks that followed.

Finding someone to do this for me was super easy with the help of Google and Yelp. I found an amazing company in Denver called Fruit of the Womb, clever huh! The website was straightforward with tons of info on the whole process of encapsulating your Placenta. Tamara and Kate are the owners and they were absolutely amazing from beginning to end.

If you are considering consuming your placenta you first need to make sure the hospital you have chosen to have your baby at allows it as some don’t. Also do discuss it with both your doctor and your hospital to make sure that you are well prepared on the day of delivery. I did also have to sign a waiver for the hospital to release my placenta.

After deciding to go with Fruit of the Womb, I decided to get the full package. This included pickup and delivery of my placenta, the placenta pills,  raw tincture, a Powder tincture to prolong the benefits of your placenta and a lovely print of my placenta! I forgot about this part and it totally freaked me out when I saw it… it still does! Oh and the umbilical cord keepsake….ummmm yeah.

Setting up the pickup of my placenta was easy, I had a scheduled C-section so I was able to let them know exactly when they needed to come pick up my placenta. Tamara and Kate were incredibly accommodating with coming to the hospital. All I needed to bring was  a small cooler the day of delivery to the hospital. The nurses brought me my placenta wrapped up in plastic and we put it in our cooler with some ice and waited for pickup.

When I discussed eating my placenta with my Dr. she was NOT into it at all…lol, she pretty much tried to talk me out of it. But also I don’t think she understood the processes of encapsulation she thought that they were going to cook it and expressed concern stating that all the nutrients would be lost once its been cooked. Remember its your choice, and did so much research beforehand so I knew the exact processed involved. It’s your choice and honestly I am so glad I did it!


From the Fruit of the Womb website

We use the standard process inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which includes steaming, drying, grinding and hand encapsulating the placenta. During this process we adhere to the utmost standards of cleanliness, using careful preparation techniques for consumption.

Although we believe the placenta is made perfect in and of itself, we do lightly steam it over lemons. However, we do not add any additional herbs or spices to your placenta during the process.


We only use the highest grade of Vegetarian Capsules that have no preservatives or animal products and come in an easy to swallow size. You can start taking the pills right away and they should last you around three weeks. The placenta can make anywhere from 60-200 pills depending on the size of the placenta.

pretty cool huh?!

I returned home from the hospital 2 days after delivery and Tamara from Fruit of the Womb came to my house and dropped off a lovely bag that contained my pills which I started the day after. They offered 2 packages seen below and I opted for the deluxe package.

I continued to take my placenta pills consistently for 3 months, after that I took them sporadically, particularly when I felt I was having a dip in my milk supply,  it would increase upon taking the placenta pills.

I have read stories of new moms who had a bad or weird reaction to the pills so whatever you do start slow, use caution and discontinue use if you feel as if you are having a bad reaction. As for me I had a wonderful experience with my decision to eat my placenta and when I have my next baby, this will be a must do for me!

– XO Dana



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