Travel Blog: Featuring the Four Seasons Westlake Village California

A little morning coffee with my favorite boy at the Four Seasons Westlake Village.

My first time traveling alone with Atticus was surprisingly easy. One of the reasons was that I was well prepared on the front end. I Traveled from Denver to Los Angeles which is only a 2 1/2 hour flight but if you are unprepared it can feel like a lifetime! One of the things I am so glad I did was purchase a seat for Atticus to fly in his carseat. This meant I did not have to check it and wait for it at the gate. I have a Doona carseat and the wheels are built onto the seat and fold up at the click of a button. I was literally able to roll him to his seat and place him with little hassle.

Ready for take off!

If you are traveling with a baby I would certainly advise that you to start packing a couple days ahead of time. This way you can add things without feeling rushed and it will also help you not forget anything.  A few things that were essential were a travel changing pad, hand sanitizer and doggie bags (for dirty diapers you may have to keep with you.) I changed Atticus so many times in bathrooms, on seats in the waiting area, even the floor. These few items made sure I was keeping things as clean as possible and that I was not putting him down on any sketchy surfaces.

I also recommend packing one bag for the both of you and utilize a backpack so you can be as hands free as possible. If you have Global Entry you will need to get it for your baby in order for you both to qualify for TSA Pre Check. This is an important point because the simple act of not removing your shoes makes things so much easier when dealing with a baby in the security screening lines!

Once on the plane the white noise of take off lulled Atticus to sleep and he slept comfortable in his carseat the duration of the flight. It was such a relief because I thought I would have to nurse him on departure instead I relaxed with a magazine. We landed in LA and were off to pick up our luggage and find our car so we could start our little holiday without daddy!

As a new mommy finding time to pamper myself is pretty much impossible, even if I get a manicure I spend the whole time rife with anxiety hoping there won’t be a meltdown! I was so happy to be a guest as the Four Seasons Westlake Village just outside of Malibu. This was my 1st experience staying at a Hotel with just Atticus and I and as you can imagine I was super nervous about everything! The Four Seasons reached out to me several days before my arrival to ask there was anything I needed for myself and Atticus during my stay. It was so personal, this little gesture went a long way for me. I was able to text back and fourth with them and they were super prompt with responding.

We arrived a couple days later and were quickly checked in and shown to our lovely room. Once we settled I noticed a few little much appreciated surprises for myself and Atticus. I had a delicious charcuterie plate with a very sweet note welcoming us, I mean who doesn’t love the gift of cheese?! Atticus received  a little care kit from one of my favorite baby care brands, Noodle and Boo. This was essential because TSA was kind enough to relieve me of all my baby products and I did not have the opportunity to buy any before my stay. Little details really matter to me and I could not help but notice the care that was taken to my stay with a baby. A nursing chair was put in my room as well as a diaper genie. Little things like this just make you take a sigh of relief, one less thing to worry about and I was very pleased!

A much needed glass of wine while my little one nurses.

Atticus and I took our daily stroll in the beautiful gardens. It was such an amazing reprieve after a hectic travel day. I felt it was the perfect time for a glass of Pinot Grigio….A much needed…much anticipated glass of Pinot Grigio! It was glorious!

I would like to mention that I am originally from Pasadena, which is not far from Westlake Village. This meant I could take full advantage of my mom being so close, she was happy to come on over and spend the day with her 1st grandson while I took full advantage of the Spa and Pool.

Ladies, I cannot stress enough how much I needed this time for myself. Between carrying a baby for 9 months, having a baby, recovering from a C-section to again carrying a baby constantly outside the womb I was so incredibly tense, tight and stressed! The second I put the Spa robe on I almost cried from excitement.

The Spa at the Four Seasons Westlake Village boasts having one the largest Spa facilities in the Four Seasons family with over 41,000 square feet of dedicated spa space. And yes, I did get lost a time or two, but I did not mind as every inch of this place was created to induce instant relaxation. The FS Spa has a total of 58 treatment rooms and you can choose from 12 different massages amongst other spa services ranging from facials to fillers ( next time for sure!)

Beautifully appointed pool and cabana area outside the Spa.

I had the 50 min. tranquility massage and it was so incredibly relaxing. If you are a breastfeeding mommy like myself, make sure to tell your massage therapist so they can accommodate you being face down with sore boobs and make sure you are comfy.

At the conclusion of my massage my therapist went to get me a glass of water and stated she would wait for me outside of the treatment room. Im not kidding, I did not want to leave, I just laid there taking in how relaxed I was. I did not even realize some time had passed and she ended up coming in to get me, I resisted a little but eventually I had to get dressed.

I spent the remainder of the day lounging by the pool with a delicious Margarita as my mom sent me photos of Atticus playing and smiling to ease my mind. Knowing that he was happy and content with his grandma definitely made “Me” time easier!

Pagoda outside the Spa of the Four Season Westlake, gorgeous setting for morning yoga.



A little cocktail to help with the relaxation already in progress!


After such a relaxing day I was ready for cocktails and dinner with some mommy friends who where happy to have a night out without the kiddies. Although it is literally an act of congress to get dressed up for a night out with the girls!! But we all managed to meet up at Onyx, the on site restaurant at the Four Seasons Westlake where we indulged in Japanese influence cocktails. You can never go wrong with  Lychee Martini!

Inventive modern Japanese dishes at ONYX.


Gorgeous presentation! This dish is called the Chumashi!

While having dinner at Onyx it was at that moment I realized I hadn’t had sushi since before I had Atticus. This made the experience extra special. Being re-introduced to the incredibly fresh cuts of sashimi, the miso black cod that literally melted in my mouth, the wonderful mix of inventive flavors that pair so well with the flavor of the fish. It was delectable!

All the ladies loved a little adult conversation 🙂

Flourless Banana Chocolate cake. Amazing!

It was glorious to feel like an adult again, get all dressed up, have a drink and some adult conversation….about our kids….cause you know thats all we talked about! But none the less a beautiful dinner with good friends, some of which I have known for 30 years. It was a delight for the soul and a  wonderful way to top of an amazing trip!

Pretty much sums up my disposition after my Stay at the Four Seasons Westlake!

I would like to thank the staff at The Four Seasons Westlake Village for making my 1st trip alone with my baby so incredibly special and memorable! I can’t wait to tell my husband that we didn’t miss him at all… lol.. just joking! I very much look forward to returning the next time I am in the area. If you are a mama traveling with your kiddos or a family looking for a beautiful family friendly place for a staycation, I can say without question you will love The Four Seasons at Westlake Village. Happy travels!




  1. NiaCaree
    September 15, 2017 / 12:52 pm

    Wonderful post & those extra steps & touches they took to make you feel special & less anxious are priceless in my book…will definitely visit for that & the spa experience..I am already getting excited…!

    • Dana Buerger
      September 19, 2017 / 7:46 pm

      I agree, I never really did things like this for myself before I had the baby, I now see so much value in it. This place was magical and really went out of their way to make my time alone special….cheers!

  2. Lisa Witter
    September 19, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    Thanks for this! I have been to this spa before but it has been a long time! Will ask the hubby for a treat!!

  3. Diane Ford
    September 20, 2017 / 6:32 am


    I have enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate your evaluation of the Four Seasons hotel. This hotel is a classic and their customer service is very good. The spa at this hotel is wonderful and I have had quite a few massages at this location. I enjoy sitting in the beautiful garden, reading, following my treatments. I feel sheer tranquility and peace there. May I also say that your pictures featuring yourself and Atticus are quite lovely.

  4. Dani P.
    September 20, 2017 / 8:30 am

    Thanks for this wonderful review of FS!!!! The pool and spa look amazing and it’s awesome knowing they do special personal touches for the littles! I can’t wait to visit them for some rest, relaxation and wine!!!!

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