Travel Blog: Ouray County Colorado

The gorgeous lodge where we spent the week.

Everyday I had a glass of wine on the deck and enjoyed the view. Yes…Everyday!

  1. Sometimes the best getaways are the easy ones, when you can hop in your car and escape the city without the fuss of airplanes or taxis. Every September Jeff and I spend a week on a ranch in Ridgway Colorado, its become sort of a tradition for us. Ridgway is called the Gateway to the San Juan Mountains, and the mountains are indeed majestic. Ridgway is about a 7 hour drive south west of Denver and the drive itself is amazing. When you leave the city behind and you slowly adapt to the beauty around you, the drive really gives you the chance to see another side of Colorado. This was actually our 2nd time taking this trip with Atticus, the 1st time he was newborn and it was winter so we really could not do much. This time however, he was old enough to spend some time with us as we explored the ranch. One of the things I love the most about coming here is the absence of anyone else, its just us and Gods creation. Sometimes I have such a hard time “turning off” and appreciating my surroundings. All it takes is one sunset, I take a deep breath and let myself become fully immersed in the experience of being on the ranch. I wanted to share some photos of our trip as words cannot truly express how splendid it is to be at such a magical place.

My 2 boys in their camo suits:)

A little Father son time amongst the Aspens.


I love all the small charms of this ranch, just beautiful.


Sunset literally looks like a painting.

When nature calls to a hungry baby!


Baby Atticus happy in the middle of this beautiful country.


Off road fun in a Polaris Razor! And yes there was mud splatter all over the Celine Sunglasses.


Perfect setting for a portrait with my boy.


Beautiful view for morning coffee, look how far the mountains reach in the horizon.


Another gorgeous sunset with magical colors.

On our last day we decided to take a trip to the towns of Ridgway and Ouray. Jeff lived in Ridgway for 6 years and there was no way we were not going to go to Taco Del Gnar for a Drippy Mitch, yes that is the name of a taco, a taco with tater tots on it. Need I say more?? After we chowed down on said Drippy Mitches, we headed to the town of Ourey which is the perfect picture of a mountain town, small boutiques, delicious local food and sweet little dessert shops.

Places to go in Ouray County

Tacos Del Gnar

I can’t say enough about how delicious this place is. The Drippy Mitch is my husbands taco of choice, and brags that it is the Sloppy Joe of tacos. House made chorizo & tots topped with queso blanco, served on a flour tortilla, garnished with shredded cabbage, roasted corn salsa, chimichurri sauce and queso fresco. (corn tortilla napkin) Yes the napkin is a tortilla!
I opted for the Tuna Carpaccio taco: Seared Ahi tuna slices served on a flour tortilla and topped with ginger soy, shredded cabbage, kimchi, and wasabi aioli. Oh my God it’s good!!

I mean…. you better come hungry!

 Maggie’s Kitchen

I am always on a mission for a good burger, better yet the best burger. And Maggie’s Kitchen is another must go to place anytime we are in Ouray. Yes, Its so good we ate burgers after eating tacos. Don’t judge me! Its small, its grungy but it just might be one of the best burger’s you have ever eaten!

Just a sample of the many Buerger selections at Maggie’s Kitchen.


Baby’s 1st french fries!


A really well appointed gift shop with great mountain BoHo & contemporary gifts & decor. If you are looking to brings a souvenir back to a loved one ,you will find wonderful gifting items at this lovely boutique.

Mouse’s Chocolates and Coffee

I dare you to try and keep me away from a chocolate shop! Of course what is needed after a delicious burger is a chocolate malt! I love that my husband knows about all these places from his time living here because I would have hated to miss going to this cute little Coffee/chocolate/ice cream shop! We scooped up a couple of malts and some chocolates for the road. A fabulous way to end a day of eating massive amounts of delicious local food!

A lil chocolate malt never hurt anybody 🙂

Decisions Decisions! Truffles galore!

Would you like a little drool with your coffee?!

A wonderful little reprieve from from city life! Its not your typical idea of a vacation, yes I love the beauty of the beach and all but there is something so special about being in the mountains. Particularly when there is no snow, the leaves are on the verge of turning and Fall is in the air. I can honestly say it is one of the things I absolutely love about living in Colorado. Thank you Ouray County…see you same time next year!




  1. AC
    April 25, 2018 / 4:27 am

    Beautiful trip and beautiful family!

    • Dana Buerger
      April 28, 2018 / 11:54 pm

      Thank you sweet lady, honestly so blessed!

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